January 12, 2021 - Clark Sanders, Cr.Photog., CPP
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Saturday, December 19, 2020
By Michigan Triangle Professional Photographers Association
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Ready to up your game with off camera flash? You're in for a treat with Clark Sanders as he presents "A Simple Approach to Lighting."

Clark, a Master Craftsman and Certified Professional Photographer, is known for his very recognizable work of high school seniors. His images have a cinematic flair and attract clients who truly want something unique and valuable for their seniors.

This year Clark will be celebrating 20 years as a photographer next year, and ten years as a full time photographer. It took him ten years to finally make the jump to do what he loves as a career.

Like a lot of photographers, his love for it started when he was a kid and was given his first camera - a Kodak 110 to be exact! He took photos of EVERYTHING. His cat playing, rocks, you name it. :) It wasn't until after he and his wife adopted their children that he pursued portrait photography. Fast forward to now, he thinks he's finally found his style and that involves camera lighting. He was intimidated by it in the beginning until he learned techniques that took the intimidation away.

Clark hopes his presentation will leave the audience with a better understanding of how to use off camera lighting - especially outdoors - using relatively inexpensive gear, but creating portraits that have a different look than just using available light. And he promises to explain it in simple, easy to understand terms!

Members can enjoy this presentation for free; non-members can participate as well for just $25. Please click here to purchase your ticket!



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