March 12, 2019 with Heather Kanillopoolos
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Wednesday, February 13, 2019
By Michigan Triangle Professional Photographers Association
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Heather Kanillopoolos: Why off-camera-flash? How taking your flash off camera changes everything.

Join us on March 12, 2019 to welcome Heather and talk about off-camera-flash. Heather is an amazing wedding photographer and an energetic speaker about a subject she is very passionate about- off-camera-flash. 

A little about Heather.: I’ve been photographing weddings for 14 years. I quickly found out how difficult wedding lighting scenarios can be! From dark, cramped reception venues to rained out ceremonies stuck inside, I’ve had those days where you come away thinking: “I wish I could have done better”. After I learned how to use natural-looking, well crafted off-camera flash, I found that my work began to blossom. Clients began to notice my unique abilities and my business soon took off! I’m now a full-time wedding photographer with a successful business. I enjoy making the most complex of topics easily understandable for everyone, so I now teach OCF in one-on-one classes and in larger workshops. My goal is for you to not only come away armed with more knowledge, but to feel encouraged and empowered to get out there and make something beautiful.

Check out Heather's website here:

When: Tuesday, March 12, 2019 at 7pm.

Where: 2937 Atrium Drive Okemos, MI

Cost: Free for MTPPA Members. $49 for non members. Non members sign up here.

Our group gets together for dinner before the meeting. If you would like to come and hang out with us, we meet at Leo's Lodge located at 2525 E. Jolly Rd Lansing, Mi 48910.

Print of the month for March is "Make me laugh". 



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