November 10, 2020 Judy Reinford
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Monday, September 07, 2020
By Michigan Triangle Professional Photographers Association
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Does Print Competition come around way too quickly for you? Are you scrambling every year to even FIND images in your library you aren't embarrassed to submit? Our local print competition may be next week already, but why not prepare for next year's competition season NOW?
Judy Reinford will be talking about one of her favorite topics, "The Art of Creating an Idea for Print Competition."
Judy's credentials are prestigious. She's a Master Artist, a Photographic Craftsman, and a Certified Professional Photographer. She also currently serves the members of PPA on its board of directors. Judy resides in Allentown, Pennsylvania.
She loves educating photographers, and bringing a "step one" seminar on Artist Print Competition has always been a passion of hers. "So many people never pursue this degree, yet it is attainable with some guidance. Having a seminar that guides the artist in the creation of an idea is extremely helpful," says Judy.
Expect this presentation to get you back to your roots, when photography was a true passion. She'll walk us through the various ways to come up with a concept for a competition print, talk about use of stock images if needed to fill out your story, how to match lighting, digital painting your artwork, naming an image, and  other factors we might not even think about.
Judy is known for her stunning zoo animal images - last year her case was a diamond case, meaning all four of the images she submitted to IPC were judged as 90 or more. In fact, interesting story....she actually broke three of her seals after districts that scored 91, 92 and 93! Her efforts were rewarded as the edits she made raised her score - one of them to a perfect 100!
This is a very special event that couldn't come at a better time and you don't want to miss this one! The presentation is Tuesday, November 10 at 7:00 EST.
Members can enjoy this presentation free of charge; guests can purchase tickets for $25 using this link.

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