Boudoir Posing with Miranda Parker
Friday, September 07, 2018
July 9, 2019 Senior Portrait Photo Session

Boudoir Photography: the art of making women feel beautiful. MTPPA is hosting a posing workshop on October 9, 2018. Miranda Parker is presenting us with TWO programs this month! "Posing with Miranda Parker" and "Building a Successful Photography Business in a Small Market". Posing with Miranda Parker: Miranda Parker is a boudoir photographer located in Central Michigan. She has been shooting boudoir photography since 2011, and teaching workshops and mentoring for 4 years.  Her expertise is in posing, using natural light to flatter, and getting the most out of every pose!Miranda will also be joining us for our evening program with "Building a successful ...

How to Market Your Business with Social Media with the Social Coasting Team
Thursday, August 23, 2018

Social media is a great tool to market your company, but how are you using it to develop your brand? Join the Social Coasting team, Natasha West and Laura Shanks, to learn best practices for marketing your brand successfully on social media platforms. Social Coasting is a remote social media agency headquartered in Lansing, Michigan, specializing in strategy development, social media management, customer engagement and service. When: September 11, 2018 at 7:00 pm (dinner at Leo's Ledge at 5pm 2525 E. Jolly Rd Lansing)Where: MITA Building 2937 Atrium Dr Okemos MI Cost: Free for MTPPA members. $49 for non members. Non members can sign up here. Do not forget this month's ...

August 14, 2018 Angela Brown Adding Framing to your Business
Sunday, August 12, 2018

Do your clients purchase prints from you that you KNOW never make it to their walls? Does your competition consist of low cost “shoot and share” photographers?Have you ever thought about offering framing to your clients but just don’t know where to start?Join Angie Brown as she talks about adding value to your clients by offering framing. Angela Brown Photography is a full service boutique studio that specializes in finished products for clients’ homes. She has offered framing to her clients since her first year in business to set herself apart from other photographers. It’s rare that a client leaves her studio with wall portraits that aren’t ready to ...

July 10, 2018 with James Lenon: The Art of Being Social
Thursday, June 21, 2018
July 9, 2019 Senior Portrait Photo Session

Could it be that Instagram has morphed from a simple app to share photos of your lunch to a personal business building machine? Join James Lenon photographer for major brands such as GMC, Buick and Verizon as he dives into ways to leverage social media for personal business growth. Follow Jim on Instagram: July 10, 2018 at 7:00 pm (dinner at Leo's Lodge at 5pm 2525 E Jolly Rd Lansing)Where: MITA Building 2937 Atrium Dr. Okemos MI Cost: Free for MTPPA Members. $49.00 for non members. Non members sign up here. Do not forget this month's print completion theme is "framing".       

June 12, 2018 featuring Adam Carroll
Thursday, May 17, 2018
July 9, 2019 Senior Portrait Photo Session

Join us for our June meeting featuring Adam Carroll of Harbour Light Photography.  This event is included with your membership. Interested non-members can pay $49 and should go to for payment options. Don't forget print of the month! June's theme is "Rule of Thirds". Meeting will be held at the MITA Building: 2937 Atrium Drive, Okemos from 7pm to 10 pm. Also, our group gets together for dinner before the meeting. If you would like to come and hang out with us, we meet at Leo's Lodge, located at 2525 E Jolly Rd, Lansing, MI 48910, starting at 5PM.