March 10, 2020 Lisa Adams
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Monday, November 18, 2019
By Michigan Triangle Professional Photographers Association
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Have you ever wanted to bring out the artist in you and create a special event? Where do you start and how do you ensure it can be profitable? Join Lisa Adams and Cindi Jones as they share how they have joined together to create fairy events and other fantasy sessions. Lisa and Cindi believe that if you create an experience instead of just a "session," people will pay more to provide that for their children. It creates a memory for both moms and kids and makes them feel special. 
Lisa and Cindi will discuss backdrop set ups, lighting, props and the experience itself. They will also talk about other types of experiences, such as superhero events and the Magical Santa Experience. These events are only limited by your own imagination! 
Lisa Adams has owned Lisa Adams Photography for 14 years, starting out with an in-home studio before sharing a studio with Cindy in Shelby Township. Cindi started her business 12 years ago, focusing on athletes and seniors with a strong focus on composites. Lisa and Cindi hit it off right away, sharing creative processes and ideas. Their business models proved to be a perfect match. In 2014 they decided to join forces and share a studio!

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